Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Closing performance for Duppy Housing.
Utopian Slumps.
Gold coin donation entry
proceeds going to mt merapi volcano relief.
SATURDAY 20th 6-8pm

Monday, October 18, 2010

                                 gila ayam sepida tiga -jogjakarta -roda roda soundsystem 2010
                                 lake toba - sumatra

Third world $2 Shope world game multinational corporations punk hippies equality of man world music shakers reggae huckleberry fin elephant man napalm death pon the road rum stereo sonic Mego ice caves Donald duck tweeters blowing up clowning Rastarising dagger bus trawling oversized beach comb killer bees Doberman pompom jerk chicken long island ice tea back of the Hollywood sign berries sharks duppy house chains parent traps tantrums fruit boxes CD burning baskets bomb making Donald Judd b ball coconuts water tank rocks crystal meth party feel parry hotter cropping road runner Mexico city Kimono WWWTF warehouse bush doof rave saver sub woffa Riddum warfare beamer Kingston’s lemonade Heresy Hennessey Van Dam new mediaDylan’s work sound systems speakers casing housing wires ex socialist states feather boa carved out husks 

street wares old and new antiques dust rubble in the Bronx Caribbean hyena boat cruises hermaphrodite graffiti watermelon sounds from night markets the flow of waves through shells Martorell beach house garage slang puny repair work fixing forage scavenger bicycle tiling scroungers packing crate skinny puppy building sites the other world plantation exploitation agriculture the rhizome filtration brewing purifying missionaries gang warfare polka dot bikinis motor cross audio section devoted to the sounds of Earth that include Music of the Spheres Volcanoes Earthquake Thunder Mud Pots Wind Rain Surf Crickets Frogs Birds Hyena Elephant Whale song Chimpanzee Wild Dog Footsteps heartbeat Laughter The First Tools Tame Dog Herding Sheep Birdsong Blacksmith Sawing Tractor Riveter Morse Code Ships precisely a ship's horn Horse and Cart Train Tractor Bus Auto F-111 Flyby Saturn V Lift-off Kiss Mother and Child Life Signs Pulsar Nissan dub step dance movement crescendo Melbourne shuffle anarcho syndicalists ice cream clowns black panthers underwater caves ICP 

Voguing purring cats a single bullet Maldives fishing coconuts field records blue in the face urbane warrior sowing seeds ravens moaning silver shivers booty mushroom coastal bottle raft bondage Julio cinnamon cloved hoof sunflower land rover Michel Houellebecq smooth peanut butter eggs car park gathering candle light la haine music over the projects of a Parisian suburb rise up text revolution systems of sound in the back of hotted up vans burning skulls whales dolphin crab walk moon cake grapple Russian prostitute world war III broken jaw Clarkes volley ball eyebrows dreadlock sawn off shot guns gnomes mossy yams Hummers American Express 

stew gold tooth pickles long island navigation Columbia treasure maps Indonesia east of Eden roses Batik weaving Dick Smith power electronics hidden nazi gold exotic others road less travelled emptiness’ lonely planet kit home DIY FYI 

pewter freckles sketches fossicking in the undergrowth a speaker hidden in the corner of the room magic and legend

 a blaze in eastern skies a round of ammo in 20 seconds the beach in winter tourists hotels towelling noise BBQ insects sticky glue east coast beats foal ruckus traffic light techno embarrassing silence dolphin chorus flowers of romance double Dutch MacGyver batches shacks and hobble turtle foot prints pre thoughts in flux Eminent 

eight mile sauce broad stroke pottery incidental mark making spell cheque spittle tumblr email gather smoke signal pharmacy collapsing structures new life after capital fragments coming together to form form of non work play music etc speakers players playahz heaps safe ply wood building reverse racism ethno type face settled dead charities vine covered world monetary fund utopian syrups